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Website 2021

Article regarding the 2021 edition of my personal website and blog.

  1. Color me swatches
  2. New website online (2021 edition)
  3. Blog update: search function online
  4. Kitchen sink
  5. Blog update: simplified settings and more

My new website is online!

While it's not finished yet, it's done enough to finally be able to share it with you. The site runs on a new domain, using a new front-end and a new Django back-end.

Some notable features:

  • The site sports both a light and dark mode and adapts to system settings by default.
  • CSS transitions will be disabled if visitor prefers reduced motions through their system settings.
  • Keyboard navigation should be a much better experience compared to the old blog.
  • You can use "Settings" to enforce a color theme or make the navigation bar sticky.
  • Blog posts can be part of a series.
  • Blog posts now show content warnings more clearly on their detail page.
  • The blog has an RSS feed now. (Shout-out to Sara Soueidan for her advocacy on this one!)
  • The site even has a print stylesheet!

Mobile users beware: You can horizontally scroll the navigation bar. However, this is currently not clear from its visual representation; I have yet to develop a way to indicate that this is an option.

There is also a new contact form. I have yet to attach any notifications to them, so it might take some time for me to see your message.

Finally, I've also started rewriting some of the old blog posts to improve their language, reflect new knowledge, and remove incomplete or problematic statements. For example, "It's OK not to be OK" no longer assumes that everyone has access to mental health facilities. I hope to update the rest in the coming months.

The old website and blog are still up at the moment. The sites will stay online until I've set up redirects from the old to the new blog articles.

If you run into any bugs (especially of the accessibility kind), please let me know!

Known issues

A list of bugs and missing features I'm already aware of:

  • There is no indication on mobile that you can horizontally scroll the navigation bar.
  • Settings should be elsewhere in the layout as they don't work nicely on small screens.
  • Safari seems to ignore media queries (or at least doesn't show the site's desktop layout).
  • Twitter Card or Open Graph looks incomplete when sharing a link on WhatsApp, which uses a tiny square icon.
  • Cannot embed tweets and other media in blog articles.
  • Logo with my signature is fuzzy.
  • Syntax highlighting for code is missing.
  • Print stylesheet does not correctly show the contents of a summary element (used for blog article series; this may be a browser bug too).
  • I don't yet get an alert when someone submits a message through the contact form.
  • The old website ( does not redirect to the new website (