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I am a freelance developer and consultant focussing on code and team quality, helping companies improve their products and workflows.

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Consulting and training

I love sharing my knowledge and teaching individuals. After years of experience as a developer and trainer, I can help improve the quality of development teams and projects. Ask me about the following:

  • Determining functional requirements
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Improving team workflows
  • Training new developers

You can also ask me to assist with thinking about your project as a whole or finding experts to help you with a specific aspect of your project.

Developing web applications

I mainly build back-end web and big data applications, optionally with a basic, frameworkless front-end.

Some of the tools and technologies that I use:

  • Django
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • Svelte
  • Eleventy (11ty)
  • pre-commit
  • tox
  • Black
  • isort
  • Flake8
  • Ruff
  • Git
  • GitLab
  • Docker
  • Visual Studio Code
  • macOS

My past experiences also include PHP, Laravel, and Drupal.

On top of that, I have limited knowledge about web accessibility, translating from English to Dutch, writing blog posts, and public speaking.

What I bring to the table

  • Love for web development
  • A firm belief that the web should be for everyone
  • Over ten years of back-end development experience
  • Decent knowledge of front-end web development
  • Experience working in an ISO 27001-certified company
  • Ability to think along with customers and developers alike
  • Enthusiasm for pair programming and guiding juniors
  • Good mastery of both Dutch and English language
  • Car driver's license (EU class B)
  • No pet allergies

Professional references are available on request.

What I am looking for

  • Limited hierarchy; everyone is accessible to everyone
  • A diverse team, both personally and professionally
  • Room to teach or mentor less experienced developers
  • A focus on (code) quality and long-term profitability
  • Work from home using my own working hours

What I don't do

  • Anything system management, web and email hosting
  • Meetings for the sake of meetings
  • Early morning appointments
  • Weekend availability
  • Windows (the operating system)