Hello, my name is Marijke Luttekes (she/her), and I am a web developer who prefers creating human-friendly applications.

I focus on sharing knowledge, helping others produce quality work, and writing documentation. Though not an expert, I am also interested in user experience and web accessibility.

Check my mentions to see where else my work ended up online.

How it started

Back in the '00s, twelve-year-old me stumbled upon BBCode forums. After learning the markup language, I soon upgraded to HTML.

Feeling the excitement of writing code, refreshing a page, and seeing changes reflected grabbed hold of me that never let go. It's like Doctor Frankenstein seeing his creation come to life, but happier.

A shift from frontend to professional backend development happened during IT studies in Groningen, but the love for frontend stayed. I've always studied both subjects where possible.


I am ADHD'er and autistic, which is surprisingly helpful for programming. This comes with high sensitivity to noises, smells, and touch, which distracts and makes me unable to work in certain places.

ADHD brains are overactive and become overburdened easier than most. Thus, I engage in limited social activities and chaotic situations.

Code style

Code is a means to an end rather than a goal.

I do more than write code; I think about functional requirements, technical design, and writing tickets before the actual programming happens.

One of the things I love to do is take a problem to a whiteboard and think about a technical solution with another developer.

Long-term maintainability is important to me: code should be legible, reusable, sensibly named, and documented. Quick and dirty should not happen under regular circumstances.

I prefer to work in my office while programming, away from distractions like meetings and anything else happening in a public space.


  • Learn more about web accessibility
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve coaching and teaching skills
  • Be more active in public speaking and education