Hello, my name is Marijke Luttekes (she/her), and I am a web developer who prefers creating human-friendly applications.

I focus on sharing knowledge, helping others produce quality work, and writing documentation. Though not an expert, I am also interested in user experience and web accessibility.

Check my mentions to see where else my work ended up on the internet.

How it started

Back in the '00s, twelve-year-old me stumbled upon BBCode forums. After learning the markup language, I soon upgraded to HTML.

Feeling the excitement of writing code, refreshing a page, and seeing changes reflected grabbed hold of me that never let go. It's like Doctor Frankenstein seeing his creation come to life, but more joyful.

A shift from frontend to professional backend development happened during IT studies in Groningen, but the love for frontend stayed. I've always studied both subjects where possible.


I am high-sensitive, autistic, and ADHDer. This means my brain is overactive and sometimes becomes overburdened. I will limit the number of social activities and chaotic situations to not become overstimulated.


  • Learn more about web accessibility
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve coaching and teaching skills
  • Be more active in public speaking and education
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