Hi there! My name is Marijke (pronounced Mah-Rye-Kuh).

I am a freelance web developer based in Groningen, The Netherlands, specializing in Django, Python, HTML, SCSS, and vanilla JavaScript.

I help companies expand their existing projects, think about new features, train new developers, and improve developer team workflows.
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Are you in IT and near Groningen? Feel free to invite me over for tea!

Newest blog articles

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) adds language-specific features to files based on the file extension and provides sensible defaults. But what if your project uses different language modes per extension, depending on the framework used? Enter folder-based file associations.

Makefiles are convenient for semi-automating project tasks. We often use these files for running, building, and deploying projects. However, they often come without documentation.

This article explains how to print Makefile targets to the command line with help texts.

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