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Djangonaut Space, 2024 Session 1

Django-related articles I've written as a member of the second cohort of Djangonaut Space.

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  2. A simple approach to running Django Core locally
  3. Djangonaut Space update: week 2
  4. You can be a beginner and also a speaker, blogger, or participant
  5. Djangonaut Space update: week 4.5
  6. Djangonaut Space update: week 7
  7. Djangonaut Space update: week 8, final report

Djangonaut Space has officially started again, and I am one of the eighteen lucky participants!

I am happy to join in exploring the Django orbit, where we learn how to become an official contributor to the core and third-party packages.

Six teams containing three members, a navigator and a captain, go ahead on this journey of eight weeks, where we work on a subject of our choice.

I hope to be able to contribute in the realm of accessibility or Django Admin, but anything is possible!

My team is Venus, consisting of navigator Thibaud Colas, captain Akash Kumar Sen, and fellow members Emmanuel Katchy and Eliana Rosselli.

What I love about this program is that we each have different skills and wishes and originate from all over the world, connected by one framework we want to contribute to.

The Django community has a reputation for being welcoming and positive, and I'm looking forward to learning how to give back to some of my favorite bits of software ever.

Music tip

Listen to "Go!" by Public Service Broadcasting.