• This article is about an older version of my website that is no longer available.

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Website 2017

Article regarding the 2017 edition of my personal website and blog. This website is no longer online.

  1. Let's build a blog!
  2. New personal website online
  3. Personal website versus technical debt

Hello, is this thing on? This blog is now officially in the air! What started out as a training exercise in Vue.js, has now become a minimum viable product. Does this mean I'm going to be an avid blogger from now on? Probably not, but I will continue to add new features, bug fixes and styling to the platform.

Some technical details: the blog runs on Laravel and makes heavy use of Vue.js, with a tight coupling between them. The stylesheet contains Normalize.css, a customized build of Font Awesome and custom styles in SCSS. All assets are compiled using Laravel Mix. App icons were generated by RealFaviconGenerator.

Also some special credits to Grammarly, which is actively correcting my many English grammar and spelling mistakes.

My goal is to post helping programming-related articles in the future. I've yet to integrate a service that posts new articles to social media, but I'll try to keep everyone involved on Twitter.

So, let's get started and build a blog! :)