TL;DR: I’m reducing my Twitter usage to a minimum. You can find me on Mastodon via @[email protected] (server is subject to change).

Anyone who uses the internet will have learned that a certain billionaire bought Twitter two weeks ago. It’s incredible to see how dedicated this man is to… burning the place to the ground?

Yep. Two weeks in, numerous people have been fired already, including teams that support disabled people (accessibility), black people (Blackbirds), and anyone else he deemed expendable.

Consequences: unhappy people and a platform that is quickly falling apart.

And while the world’s favorite egomaniac waltzes through his newly-acquired social media platform like a bull in a china shop, people massively flock to Mastodon. I have since revived my account and am now available there. See the top of this article for a link to my profile.

As for my Twitter account: it’s locked for now. I haven’t quit entirely but will focus on Mastodon, LinkedIn, and a smaller social media presence.

I want to leave you with these strong words by George Hahn regarding Twitter’s new owner:

Because of money, position, and platform, Elon is part of a toxic group worshipped by younger men who idolize them and now think it’s cool to be a dick. The absence of grace, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, morality, or basic manners is a bug, not a feature. Be better than this.

Note: Twitter links on my website will be replaced with Mastodon as soon as possible.