It took some time, but I finally started watching the Australian TV series "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" this month. Incidentally, I've also finished it rather quickly. Never before did I binge an entire series in two weeks, I have also never crushed so hard on one—a medium I usually treat as background noise while doing other things.

In short, the series is set in 1920s Melbourne (Australia) and revolves around "Lady Detective" Phryne Fisher, who inserts herself into various murder investigations lead by Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Phryne is supported by her companion Dorothy "Dot" Williams, and Jack by Constable Hugh Collins.

Phryne and Jack are both capable sleuths, having opposite characters, and apparent romantic interests from the start. Interestingly though, the entire series make sure not to consummate the relationship and leaves a good deal of screen time to solving murders and other crimes. There are still plenty of moments between the two, which is the best build-up for two characters in a series I've ever seen.

The series itself is gorgeous. Everything from the scenery, houses, cars, and costumes are a feast for the eye. Together with the soundtrack, it gives off the feeling you have been transported back in time. Jack sticks to the British manner of being fully suited under any situation—wearing his "battle armor" trench coat and hat—which was standard at that time.

It is fun to see a private detective become frenemies with the police, investigating crimes together in a time where CSI was not that advanced. The serious and composed Jack versus exuberant feminist Phryne, both of whom have been formed by their experiences during the first world war. Together they become a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, the series was cut short in 2015, with season three having five episodes less than the previous two. There will not be any other season, but there will be a movie (Crypt of Tears) which airs on 20 February 2020, although it has only been confirmed for Australia and parts of the USA.

I'm happy having to wait only five months for the next installment—rather than five years—after having watched the seasons quite late after their release. The series is unique, which is refreshing in a genre that has been covered so widely already. It's also one of the few where characters would break my heart, so good job there.

I am looking forward to the movie, a change of scenery from the series, and more of Phrack (Phryne + Jack) chemistry. If you haven't seen it already, you can watch or stream Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, depending on your location.

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